Timepix3 technical notes

  • Speed of a single pixel in counting mode: up to 1e7 hits/s, using 20keV particles and Ikrum 180 => hit every cca 100 ns
  • Speed of a single pixel in event mode: 625 kHz

The Timepix3 chip supports the following combination of modes.

  • ToA + ToT
  • ToA
  • ToT
    Frame based readout:
  • ToA+ToT
  • ToA
  • count + integrated ToT (i.e. the sum of total energy deposited in the given pixel)
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    Tested in electron microscope vacuum 1e-4 Pa.
    Current 150 pA to units of µA

There are rows with slightly different intensity. It is always every 16th row - related to readout (?)

Data packet: 8-bytes

File data format:

1st row = header (column names)
2nd row = the first pixel . . N. row = (N-1) pixel

on every row are these numbers:

Index - id of pixel
Matrix Index - pixel id in matrix (pixel [x,y] has ID 256*y+x)
ToA - Time of arrival i.e. number for clocks with frekvency 40 MHz
ToT - Time over threshold
FToA - Fast time of arrival (4 bity (0-15)) - number of clocks of 640 MHz Overflow - Should be always zero

Time of event in nanoseconds is calculated as: (ToA - FToA/16)*25

Materials of edgeless Si TPX3 version:

  • The thickness of the TPIX3 ASIC is 720 um
  • Diameter of solder bumps is 20 um
  • Composition of the SnPb solder alloy is ~60:40 (mass %). The bump sits on top of 3 um of Ni.
  • AL layer thickness: 500 nm