Pixet does not detect any device on Linux

Advacam USB 2.0 devices (MiniPIX, WidePIX, …) are using FTDI chip for USB communication. On Linux, the drivers are by default included. However there is a ftdi_sio kernel module that connects all the connected FTDI devices as serial port (/dev/ttyUSBX). For Advacam devices to work, this driver has to be unloaded:

sudo rmmod ftdi_sio

Morover, it is necessary to set correct permission to the USB device so that it can be accessed by normal users. This can be done by sudo bash ./install_driver_rules.sh

For USB 3.0 devices (AdvaPIX, AdvaQUAD, …) it is necessary to install the driver. You can execute the script: sudo bash ./install_driver_rules.sh